Email account security you should follow

Your email account is one of the most important pieces of online property you own. It’s the gateway to your other online accounts. If your email account falls into the wrong hands, it can be used to wreak havoc on your business. Here are surefire ways to bolster your email account security. Use strong passwords […]

Should you outsource your cybersecurity to a professional?

Outsourcing cybersecurity can be an effective way to boost your company’s cyber defenses. However, entrusting such an important function to a third party is a major decision that requires complete buy-in from everyone in your team.

Here are the telltale signs that you need to outsource your business's cybersecurity:

1. You don't have a complete cybersecurity team
Cybersecurity specialists in Georgia have an average base salary of $85,652 per year.

Watering hole attack: What it is and how to protect against it

Watering hole attacks have become more common in recent years and pose a serious threat to organizations everywhere. Read on to learn more about what watering hole attacks and how your business can stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. How watering hole attacks work The term “watering hole” colloquially refers to a social gathering place […]

A guide to IT security terms everyone should know

You’ve probably heard the term “malware” thrown around a lot, but what does it actually mean? In this article, we will define malware and a few other commonly used terms in IT so you can better protect your business. Understanding these basic cybersecurity concepts doesn’t require deep IT expertise, so read on. Malware For a […]

Attack vectors: What are the most common types to watch out for?

Out of a list of the things that can permanently bring down a business, cybercrime ranks pretty high. And while some companies eventually recover from the losses caused by cybercrime incidents, others may not be so lucky. It's therefore important for businesses to be aware of the most common types of attack vectors so they can be better prepared to defend themselves.

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