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What stands out about working at Athens Micro?

I've had the privilege of being on a couple of teams and everyone from helpdesk, network engineers, team leads and above have been a pleasure to work alongside. Everyone is willing to help out and pass along the knowledge they know to better you as a tech.

Network EngineerEmployed Since August 2020

My favorite part of my role is the satisfaction I get when I solve an issue.

Desktop EngineerEmployed Since June 2020

Everyone at Athens Micro is positive and easy to get along with and always willing to provide top tier assistance should it be needed

Desktop EngineerEmployed Since June 2020

Athens Micro allows me to work at my own pace and doesn't stress me out often.

Noc EngineerEmployed Since November 2015

My favorite part of my role with Athens Micro is that even though I am the on premise account tech for my client I have a team that works with me and will assist when needed or pick up slack if there is any.

Dekstop EngineerEmployed Since January 2020

I've never had a bad boss or have seen any office politics. When reading stories of people who've quit during the great resignation, it seemed like those were a common occurrence in other offices.

NOC EngineerEmployed Since November 2015

I started here fresh out of college and have been able to grow with the company and have become a better tech as time goes on.

Noc EngineerEmployed Since September 2015

The thing that puts Athens Micro apart from other employers I’ve had is the willingness to work with employees to not just help them succeed and grow in the company but to help make them happy in that success. Achievements are recognized in tangible ways where most places would just be a round of applause then move on.

Desktop EngineerEmployed Since January 2020

Working with Athens Micro has been far less stressful than other places I’ve worked at. I know I have people I can count on if I get in over my head on something and I know there wont be any recourse if I do have to lean on my teammates for things I may not know how to do myself.

Desktop EngineerEmployed Since January 2020