What you need to know about dark web monitoring

In today's world, there are new cybersecurity minimums that every business should have. However, with Athens Micro as your IT partner, you don’t have to settle for minimums, thanks to our Cybersecurity Protection Package.
Our Package includes dark web monitoring, which you’ll learn more of in this post.

Proactive and Reactive Measures Athens SMBs Need to Combat Wire Fraud

What is worse than falling victim to a wire fraud scam? Not knowing how to respond or protect yourself from being targeted again. Do not let this happen to your company. There are things you can do to prevent and mitigate the effects of wire fraud.

Proactive Measures:
Enforce social media protocols

Employees may casually or carelessly divulge classified or proprietary business information via social media — which could be all a fraudster needs to impersonate an employee and steal even more sensitive information.

Document Imaging

Have you ever considered the overwhelming amount of data processed every work day? Records management is often viewed as tedious due to the vast amount of data you accumulate. Nevertheless, it’s a crucial part of your business operations that could make or break your company.

Why You Need a Managed Backup Solution

There’s a good chance that data is one of your company’s most valuable assets, and that’s why it’s critical to have a robust business continuity strategy in place.

The most essential part of this process is keeping data safely backed up so that you can rapidly get back to business after an unexpected disaster strikes.

4 Reasons Why Solid-State Drives Are Essential in the Workplace

Solid-state drives (SSDs) are the modern solution to data storage, replacing hard drives in a wide range of applications. Contrary to popular belief, they’re not actually hard drives at all. Instead, they use technology similar to that of RAM memory in that they contain no moving parts, and the data is stored in flash memory rather than on spinning magnetic platters like conventional hard drives.

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