Should you outsource your cybersecurity to a professional?

Should you outsource your cybersecurity to a professional?

Outsourcing cybersecurity can be an effective way to boost your company’s cyber defenses. However, entrusting such an important function to a third party is a major decision that requires complete buy-in from everyone in your team.

Here are the telltale signs that you need to outsource your business's cybersecurity:

1. You don't have a complete cybersecurity team

Cybersecurity specialists in Georgia have an average base salary of $85,652 per year. Their expertise comes at a premium because it requires continuous training to stay up to date on the latest threats. As a result, few organizations can justify the cost of staffing an in-house team.

With third-party cybersecurity providers, you can get the expertise you need without breaking the bank. These providers hire a full team of experts that specialize in different areas, from threat prevention to incident response. What's more, cybersecurity providers typically charge a flat monthly subscription fee, with all the training, benefits, and salaries for security engineers covered by the provider. This gives you access to enterprise-grade expertise without the need to hire a full-time IT staff.

2. There's no clear security strategy in place

A lack of a security strategy can result in a hodgepodge of ineffective tools and processes. Companies often purchase basic defenses like firewalls and anti-malware without fully understanding all the security risks the company may be exposed to. There may also be no semblance of an incident response plan, leaving the company completely unprepared to deal with a major security breach.

When you outsource your cybersecurity to a professional, they will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your organization's unique risks and vulnerabilities. They will then develop a tailored security strategy that includes the people, processes, and technology needed to mitigate those risks. The security strategy will be regularly reviewed and updated to stay ahead of the most recent threats.

Cybersecurity providers will even help with containing the damage and recovering your systems in case of a breach. Then, they'll analyze the root cause of attacks and implement the appropriate measures to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

3. Your company needs to comply with industry regulations

Many industries, such as healthcare and finance, are subject to strict data security regulations. These regulations require companies to implement specific cybersecurity controls to protect customer data. Complying with these regulations can be costly and time-consuming, especially if your organization doesn't have the necessary expertise in house.

Top cybersecurity providers are well versed in matters of compliance. They can help your organization develop policies to meet industry regulations and install measures to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive data. Cybersecurity providers also offer compliance-related security audits to make sure your organization is meeting its obligations.

4. You're making big changes to your IT

Whenever you install new applications, change your processes, hire employees, or upgrade your IT infrastructure, you create new security risks. For instance, enabling hybrid working policies exposes employees and company devices to external threats that traditional network security solutions cannot prevent.

Outsourced cybersecurity professionals will make sure that new business initiatives don't compromise your organization's security posture. They will work closely with your IT team during every stage of the project to ensure that security risks are identified and mitigated.

5. Security awareness is nonexistent

If your employees are not properly trained in cybersecurity, they could be putting your organization at risk. They could be mindlessly clicking on phishing emails, downloading malicious attachments, or using weak passwords. Cybersecurity awareness training teaches employees good security habits, so they know how to protect themselves and your organization from cyberthreats.

By working with a cybersecurity expert, you can outsource the training and management of your security awareness program. Cybersecurity providers offer practical advice and engaging training exercises that can be customized to your organization's needs. They can also conduct phishing simulations to test your employees' ability to recognize and avoid real-world threats.

Outsourcing your cybersecurity is a great way to fill the gaps in your organization's defenses. From vulnerability management and compliance to incident response and training, Athens Micro can help you with all of your cybersecurity needs. Contact us today to speak to one of our experts and improve your security posture.

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