Start automating these 4 business processes

Start automating these 4 business processes

For small businesses, there's nothing more valuable than time and money. Every minute and every dollar not spent on growing their operations is a waste and could spell disaster. But thanks to the many affordable automation solutions now available on the market, small businesses can enjoy reduced costs and more time for tasks that drive productivity and growth.

Here are four business processes that are worth automating to improve your business's bottom line:

1. Managing the sales pipeline

Use sales automation software to recognize and track movements inside the sales funnel, respond to those movements by performing certain actions, and alert your sales reps.

For example, if a prospect completes the contact form on your company website, the automation software will issue an email reply immediately. Even if the response is just a prewritten template, that potential client will feel reassured knowing their message reached you.

Afterward, the automation software will assign a sales rep who will follow up with a phone call. If the sales rep is able to talk with that prospect, the lead will be automatically moved to the next stage of the sales pipeline. However, if the call goes to voicemail, the software will send an email to that potential client asking when is the best time to contact them. With automation, there’s visibility into where each lead is in the sales funnel and what must be done to advance them to the next stage.

Automation software can also identify the level of interest of each lead based on their engagement with your sales reps. This enables you to prioritize prospects who are more ready to buy over those who need more time. Those in the latter category can be automatically sent emails every month to gently push them toward a sale.

2. Reminding customers about online purchases

It’s a lot easier to sell to an existing customer, with a 60–70% sale probability compared to the 5–20% with a new prospect. This is why you should be proactive about encouraging existing customers to buy again, especially if you have a recurring service or a product that requires regular replenishment.

The good news is that you don't have to check when a customer would need to restock based on the date of their last purchase — automation software can do this for you. You can program the software to send a follow-up email after a set period. For example, if your product is good for 30 days, then your customer will automatically receive an email shortly before they need to reorder. This email will include a link to your product so they can quickly repurchase without having to search around your website.

However, if they click on the link to place their order but forget to checkout, the automation software will send them reminders so they follow through with their purchase.

Alternatively, you can integrate subscription plugins or other software so that you can process recurring orders easily. Your customers will only need to order once, and the software will automatically fulfill reorders until the customer cancels their subscription.

3. Executing email marketing campaigns

Many companies rely on email marketing and for good reason: it is the top ROI-generating marketing tool with an ROI of 4,400%! And with email automation software, it’s easy to build and maintain your mailing list and run marketing campaigns.

An important capability of this software is automatic segmentation of your mailing list based on a wide range of demographic and psychographic details. This enables you to send messages that are relevant to each customer, thereby boosting customer engagement. In fact, a 2019 study revealed that 72% of customers only respond to personalized messages.

Email automation also allows you to quickly send a series of emails, tailoring the next message depending on the recipient’s response to your current one. This helps you grow your relationships with your clients, thus improving your customer retention rate.

4. Handling social media accounts

Having a strong social media presence is a must in today’s business environment, and one of the best ways to gain this is by regularly posting content. Using a social media automation tool, you can schedule posts in advance and distribute them on multiple platforms with just one click.

Automation also makes it easier to handle many private or direct messages on your social media channels. You can program chatbots to ask questions that help narrow down a customer's concern and provide the answer they're looking for.

With the right IT solutions, you can automate even more business processes, enabling you to save more time so you can focus on more important tasks. Let the tech experts of Athens Micro help you identify, implement, and manage such business technologies so that you’ll quickly get a return on these investments. Schedule your FREE consultation with us today.

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