Ways professional services firms benefit from working with MSPs

Ways professional services firms benefit from working with MSPs

Today’s technology-driven world is demanding more than industry-specific expertise and years of business experience from professional services firms (PSFs) like yours. Streamlined workflows, effective cybersecurity, and agility have become the deciding factors for success for modern law firms, healthcare practices, financial services providers, and PSFs across industries.

To gain these competitive advantages, you need a secure and optimized IT framework with the right bundle of solutions to support your current and future needs.

However, without round-the-clock monitoring and ongoing management to keep everything working at peak performance, your IT investments can expose your firm to crippling cyberattacks and expensive technology problems.

That’s why more and more professional services firms are working with managed IT services providers (MSPs). Essentially, MSPs are an outsourced IT team that delivers customized solutions and proactive support for a flat monthly fee. In addition to having a dedicated team of IT professionals at their beck and call, professional services organizations benefit from working with MSPs in a number of different ways.

Minimized technology downtime and increased billing hours

Whether you charge your clients by the hour or by the job, you’ll most likely still struggle to grow your bottom line if your technology keeps breaking apart. This can look like anything from minor glitches in your software that slows down your teams to damaging malware that blocks your access to legal or healthcare files, or halts your operations for days.

MSPs can solve these problems for your professional services firm by assessing your current IT setup, implementing solutions that address the weak links in your systems, and monitoring your entire infrastructure around the clock. This means your business IT will deliver maximum uptime and your teams can provide better, faster services to more clients without being interrupted by IT issues.

Comprehensive cybersecurity solutions and expertise

Professional services firms are among hackers’ favorite targets. This is because once they get hold of your financial documents or healthcare records, they can use it to extort a large sum of money from you or your clients, or commit identity theft and other fraudulent activities.

Like most firms, you might already have a defense strategy in place. But without cybersecurity experts monitoring everything around the clock, the solutions are usually outdated and ineffective against advanced new attacks.

MSPs resolve these problems by implementing targeted security tools, including next-generation firewalls, anti-malware software, endpoint protection, advanced threat prevention, and end-to-end encryption, to name a few. The best MSPs also provide guidance on training your employees to avoid phishing scams and adopt good password habits since hackers often circumvent technical security measures by exploiting careless mistakes.

What’s more, MSPs provide 24/7 monitoring and routine updates, protecting your business from all angles and keeping your confidential information and your hard-earned reputation safe.

Easy compliance with ever-changing industry requirements

Professional services firms across different industries must follow different government-imposed regulations. Healthcare practices need to keep up with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), while general public companies are subject to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), for instance.

These regulations are detailed and ever-evolving, and juggling compliance and business growth can be very demanding on your own. But with an IT partner by your side, you will always be up to date on the latest requirements, ensuring your entire operations remain compliant and saving you from noncompliance fines.

Fast, responsive IT support for any of your questions or problems

Despite how advanced and reliable technology has grown to be, problems will still occur. Without effective, easy-to-reach help desk assistance that lets you resume work fast, your clients might be frustrated over unavailable online consulting appointments or delayed health check results.

MSPs help professional services firms avoid these setbacks by accurately troubleshooting and resolving problems with targeted solutions over the internet or on-site, reducing downtime and maintenance fees caused by repetitive IT issues.

If you need more information on how managed IT services work, or how they can improve efficiency and bottom line for your professional services firm, reach out to the Athens Micro team today.

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