We are on a roll! See how we’ve grown our incredible clients

We are on a roll! See how we’ve grown our incredible clients

Georgia Association of Educational Leaders (GAEL)

The Georgia Association of Educational Leaders (GAEL) is a statewide organization that provides school leadership groups throughout the state. Since its formation, GAEL has been the premier network for educational leaders in Georgia, and with Athens Micro's experience in the education sector, they’ve successfully aligned their IT systems with their educational goals.

Godfrey's Feed and Seed

For over six generations, Godfrey's Feed and Seed has been producing livestock feed, animal health supplies, and a range of agricultural specialty products. As the business grows, its team of experts has decided to address the urgency of IT and partner with Athens Micro to help increase productivity. By prioritizing their IT needs, we’ve been able to help them grow faster and gain an edge on their competitors.

GA Cylinder & Hydrotest

Established in January 2015, GA Cylinder & Hydrotest provides high-quality cylinder testing services and related products. They strive to maintain a standard of excellence in cylinder requalification through investment in customers, staff, and their facilities, which they have recently equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and technology. By collaborating with their team, we believe our solutions can help improve tedious processes like compliance, automation, and other IT-related issues.

C.A. Murren & Sons

C.A. Murren is a full-service industrial contractor that offers a wide range of services. They focus on providing sustainable construction for the energy industry and are aware of the quickly advancing technological landscape. This requires investing in modern IT solutions for better automation, security, and connectivity, and Athens Micro was the best partner to help them achieve their mission.

140 Packaging

140 Packaging specializes in the design and manufacture of sealing machines for food, pharmaceuticals, and other products. Company founder Kevin Howard knows that technology is evolving fast and how difficult it is to stay competitive and relevant. With this in mind, the company has partnered with Athens Micro to help kick-start a more modern and efficient IT infrastructure.

If you’re impressed with our client base, imagine where our passion for growing companies can take yours. Give us a call at 706-608-8053 today!

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