Document Imaging

Document Imaging

Have you ever considered the overwhelming amount of data processed every work day? Records management is often viewed as tedious due to the vast amount of data you accumulate. Nevertheless, it’s a crucial part of your business operations that could make or break your company.

Aside from retrieving your files for future reference, your data storage systems have to comply with industry rules and regulations. As a result, the majority of organizations consume endless hours trying to determine how they can properly manage such a huge amount of information.

It isn’t as difficult as you might imagine -- all thanks to document imaging technology. It functions by copying all hard documents and converting them into electronic images. The photos are then stored at a well-protected, web-based content management system or what most people refer to as a virtual file room. As soon as the photos are transferred into the shielded system, you can access all necessary data in just a few clicks.

Here are the biggest benefits your business can reap from going digital:

Storage efficiency

Digitizing your documents eliminates the need for filing cabinets. It might not seem like much, but this is crucial for small businesses that operate in metropolitan areas where rent is expensive. But regardless of where you are based, it is critical that your team be able to spend valuable time on profit-generating projects, not on tediously finding and storing files. Simplifying file storage and retrieval, minimizing data entry times, and automating workflows would boost productivity, and ultimately profits.

Automatic protection

An efficient document management system guarantees that all your crucial files are readily available whenever you need them. Our program automatically monitors the retention period so it will notify you whenever a document is nearing its shelf-life before it gets deleted. This feature can protect you in case there is an audit or court case, thus ensuring your compliance with federal and state regulations.


No matter the time or location, you can easily access essential information with a document imaging system. If you are back at home in the middle of the night and you need to check an important document, you can easily do so by logging on to your account. Everything you need is available in a matter of seconds in the comfort of your own home.

Increased security

All organizations work hard to prevent business identity theft and to ensure that their confidential data does not end up in the hands of cybercriminals. Since all your files are housed in our program, you have the assurance that your years’ worth of private information are stored under lock and key. You can even select who has access and choose the information they will have access to, thereby avoiding human error. This measure does not only protect you from digital felons, but it also keeps you safe in the event of an office break-in because your private details will not just be lying around.

In the end, no organization is too small to take advantage of this easy solution. Costs of hardware and software are still declining, and with cloud-hosted alternatives, companies can begin using document imaging with no significant investment. The budding advantage outweighs the present investment costs.

Be one step ahead of the competition and run seamless operations today with document imaging by Athens Micro. Send us a message or visit our office here in Watkinsville to begin operating a fully functional digital business.

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