Need A New Website? Athens Micro Can Help!

Need A New Website? Athens Micro Can Help!

Your business’s website is an extension of your brand. If your online presence is not up to date, professional, or tech savvy, you simply will not be competitive.

To stay on top of ever-evolving digital marketing best practices, we have developed the perfect solution: an all-in-one website service.

What our web design does for you

Prospective customers are searching for your products and services at all hours of the day. And to do so, they use all sorts of devices: from PCs and laptops, to tablets and smartphones. The dishwasher broke and they need a repair services now. They need a last-minute birthday present so they pull out their phone and start searching.

You need a website that is fast, user-friendly, and reliable.

No matter what you sell, we can build a website that makes it easy to find you -- regardless of whether they are using a mobile device, computer, or AI assistant. Your website will present a clean, attractive image that outshines your competitors. And best of all, whenever you want to make a change, we are available to do it for you.

Sure, a great site means great business. Sounds simple enough, but now you might be wondering: How much would all this cost?

Cost and reliability

You have several options for building a website. You could go to a full-service marketing firm, but most of them charge thousands of dollars and don’t handle hosting or ongoing maintenance. Another option is to hire freelancers, but good luck getting a handful of individuals from who-knows-where to work together quickly and effectively.

We take care of all your ongoing design requests and act as a single point of contact. That means, when you choose Athens Micro, you partner with a reliable and dependable company that has a vested interest in making sure your website succeeds for as long as possible.

When all is said and done, our web design packages cost a fraction of what you would normally pay a marketing firm for digital marketing. With our unique pricing model, businesses of all sizes can afford to sign up!

We guarantee our work

Although we will provide guidance and input, you will always have the final say. You can be as involved or as hands off as you want to be. Either way, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are unhappy with it, then so are we.

Your new site will “go live” only when it looks exactly the way you want it to.

Your website reflects your brand. And if a customer is engaging your business there for the first time, their initial impression will determine whether they stay with you, or look elsewhere. If you have got a site built by Athens Micro, your customers will always stay.

Total IT solutions

A website is important, but that is not the only thing your business needs. You may also need to consider VoIP solutions, IT consulting, and security upgrades, among other things. Fortunately, Athens Micro has it all covered. If you’re a business looking for the best IT support or managed IT services, contact us today.

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