Athens Micro Can Host Your Application

Athens Micro Can Host Your Application

Today, email, word processing, accounting software, and countless other applications can be accessed over the internet. More than half of all small businesses now use cloud technology, and although many of us tend to think of “apps” in terms of personal use, there’s nothing stopping small businesses from building their own cloud-based applications.

We are referring to hosted applications, which are essentially just programs that you use for business, installed on a service provider’s server and accessible over the internet. For example, many businesses use customized databases to manage client information. The software can be installed on a hard drive or opened in a web browser, and there are plenty of benefits to the latter.

Reduced Costs

Up to 80% of IT resources are spent on maintenance and repair. That doesn’t leave much for adding value or innovation. In fact, even businesses with in-house IT support often find their time and money is wasted on fixing things that shouldn’t be broken in the first place.

Hosting your business’ applications in the cloud means they are installed on a single hard drive (rather than several employee computers). This saves a significant amount of time and money when it comes time to update a program. Beyond operating expenses, hosted applications usually trade huge upfront licenses purchases for per-month, per-use pricing that make it easier to control costs.

Enhanced Security

Rather than install applications on individual desktops, laptops, or even mobile devices, hosted applications are run from the cloud. In addition to reducing costs, this centralized control also enhances security. Applications are hosted in a secure data center that is monitored and maintained in accordance with the latest security protocols.

In the case of Athens Micro, every server we host applications on maintain:

  • SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliance
  • 99% uptime
  • Backup internet and power that ensure total redundancy in case of an outage

With the rise in cyber attacks and business-threatening disasters, security is a primary concern for businesses of all types. If your company works with data that is legally required to meet certain minimums by the US government, security is not an option. But even if you’re not in a regulated industry, unprotected data could place you in the middle of an expensive lawsuit.

Hosted applications allow businesses to offload their security concerns to a fully staffed team. Upgrades, optimizations and patches can be applied quickly on a server and immediately applied to every user of the cloud application.

Total Mobility

Like any cloud technology, hosted applications make it possible to work from a smartphone or tablet. The most obvious benefit of this is remote work, but it also allows you to completely rethink how you conduct face-to-face meetings. Does a client have a question about your service? Not a problem, open up your hosted application right in the meeting and show him or her the answer.

Enterprise-Level Solutions

Hosted applications make it possible for small businesses to compete with much larger companies regarding product delivery and customer service. As part of your managed IT services, your applications are cared for 24/7 by an IT support firm that helps you stay current and competitive.

Small and medium-sized businesses do not need to build their own internal IT team or outsource support to expensive contractors. Your applications are enterprise-level and your support is too.

Legacy Solutions

Finally, hosted applications are the best way to keep using outdated programs securely. Whether because one of your business applications isn’t compatible with current operating systems, or is so old that it could be easily hijacked, hosting “legacy” applications in the cloud means you don’t need to worry about exposing employee computer’s to these threats.

Unsecured programs can be quarantined to a safe space on a server so they are accessible, but unable to infect other applications.

Integration is typically seamless and allows your company to continue to use the programs they’re familiar with in a way that is easier, more secure, and most of all accessible.

Ready to Host?

Athens Micro has been providing exceptional IT support services since 1983. We have built a reputation in our industry based on our dedication to outstanding services and customer support. If your business is interested in application hosting or any of our managed IT services, contact us today and see the difference Athens Micro can make.

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