How Skype for Business Can Increase Your Office Efficiency

Today’s businesses are constantly bombarded with new technology that promises to improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Some of these claims are true, but others are not so accurate. What matters is finding the optimal mix of technology to ensure that your business can stay relevant in an increasingly competitive market.

Easily one of the most important challenges facing organizations is the need for a unified communications system. After all, at the heart of any functional team is great communication. And for that, you need a solution that brings together voice calling, instant messaging, video conferencing and more into a single product. That’s exactly what Skype of Business does extremely well.

skype for business

#1. Integration with Office 365

As a component of Office 365, Skype for Business allows employees to collaborate directly within the world’s favorite desktop productivity apps like Word and Excel. In other words, employees working on the same documents can make calls and send messages using Skype without opening a new program.

Skype for Business also integrates fully with Exchange Server 2016, giving you access to the the web-based version of Microsoft Outlook on SaaS and on-premises mail servers.

#2. Business-Grade Dependability

Skype for Business offers many great features for organizations looking for a reliable unified communications platform that works with other industry-leading applications. While voice calls are very much the cornerstone of the Skype service, it also offers enterprise-grade video conferencing capabilities with high-quality audio and video support.

#3. Full Mobile Functionality

Today’s workforce demands greater mobility than ever before, which itself can be better for productivity and efficiency. After all, the ability to extend your reach beyond the limitations of geographical boundaries allows you to seek out new markets and work with talent all over the world. By offering a cheaper (or even free) way to keep in touch with people no matter where they are, Skype for Business is the ultimate solution for the modern, flexible workplace.

Available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, Skype for Business allows you to automatically redirect incoming calls to mobile apps, which is great for people who aren’t always at their desks. Ready to use with the full range of mobile and desktop devices as well as SIP-compatible handsets and deskphones, Skype lets you connect with team members anywhere and create virtual meeting spaces of any size for video conferencing, group messaging and more.

#4. More Convenient

If your business has yet to adopt a unified communications platform, then it will be missing out on a great deal of features that improve efficiency and productivity. With Skype for Business integrating with other major business applications, it also reduces your dependence on email. In other words, when you need to send a note or an attachment to a colleague, you can do so within the application you’re using, instead of having to send an email.

Skype also introduces a convenient status feature, which lets you know whether a contact is available. Additionally, you can receive notifications of status changes so you know to contact them as soon as they’re online. Ultimately, using Skype means less time spent taking down notes, sending emails and having multiple windows open.

If your goal is to communicate smarter, then Skype for Business can help by bringing all your communications together through a single, integrated platform. Talk with one of our experts today if you’re ready to change the way your business communicates.

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