Why All Your Devices Should Be Powered via a UPS

Why All Your Devices Should Be Powered via a UPS

Power cuts are a fact of life for many businesses and individuals around the world. Even cities like Athens, with extremely reliable public utilities, are subject to hurricanes, storms and whatever else Mother Nature can conjure up.

Chances are, your business relies heavily on its computer systems and the data stored on them. When it comes to protecting that data and staying up and running during a power cut, you need to take every available measure.

How Does an Uninterruptible Power Supply Work?

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) might not sound like the most glamorous IT investment, but it’s certainly one of the most important. Acting as a backup battery between your electronic devices and the main power, a UPS stays charged during normal operation, kicking into action whenever it detects a power cut or unusual fluctuations in voltage. That way, users have time to save their work and power down in the case of an outage.

UPS devices come in many different forms, from cheap systems that look like bulky power strips to much larger devices designed to power multiple workstations and servers. A smaller UPS unit is ideal for providing backup power to a single computer, but businesses of almost any size need a system that’s capable of powering several workstations and servers in the office.

When installing a UPS device, you’ll need to choose either an online or standby design. Online systems work much like the batteries in laptop computers, there’s always power being fed through them when they’re connected to the primary power source.

Standby systems, however, work by monitoring the flow of power and kicking into action only when a power outage is detected. In most real-world applications, there’s not a lot of difference between the two, although online systems are inherently more reliable, since standby units still take a few milliseconds to take over, which may not be enough during an outage.

Protect Your Investments and Save Your Data

UPS devices don’t just provide backup power – they also protect all connected devices from sudden drops and spikes in voltage. For example, during lightning storms, there’s always an added risk of an enormous power surge wreaking havoc to your electronics. Most surge protectors and UPS systems are designed to withstand such surges and provide protection to any device connected to them.

Even outages themselves can cause harm to your computer, particularly if they’re accompanied by power surges. Things like voltage spikes may also come because of malfunctions with the local electrical grid, and they can cause severe damage to delicate electronic circuitry. By connecting via a UPS, you’ll have an added layer of protection, which is especially important if your region is prone to sudden power fluctuations.

Keep Your Data Safe

Data loss and corruption is one of the most common results of a power failure, and that’s why all computers need to be shut down properly rather than simply flipping their power switch. Even an accidental disconnection of the power can damage data stored on your hard drive, especially if the storage device was in use at the time of losing power.

It is important to stress that a UPS is not meant to supply power to your devices for long enough to keep operating throughout a typical power cut. Although battery life varies enormously, you’ll want to avoid continuing work for more than 10-15 minutes.

Larger businesses hoping to remain operational throughout a power cut may also use a diesel generator. However, even in these cases, a UPS serves as a bridge during the time between when the power goes out and when the generator gets up and running. For most organizations, however, it’s simply not practical to try to ride out a blackout, in which case a UPS still provides the crucial function of allowing you to safely turn everything off without suffering data loss or hardware damage.

If you’re planning to implement a technology infrastructure that you can depend on, Athens Micro can provide the service your organization needs to reach its highest potential. If you’re ready to enhance productivity and reduce your overheads with modern technology, contact us today.

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