Why you need Microsoft Office 365

Why you need Microsoft Office 365

For more than two decades, the Microsoft Office suite of desktop applications has been a cornerstone of workplace productivity. Today, it’s just a part of a larger computing ecosystem, which Microsoft has dubbed Office 365. However, business subscriptions for the industry-leading platform now incorporate a wide range of additional services and features, such as online storage, email and VoIP.

Flexible Subscription Packages

Businesses of all sizes can benefit enormously by migrating to Office 365 for many of their everyday computing routines. One of the key advantages of the product is that it offers subscription plans for customers of different types. There are plans tailored toward professionals, educational institutions, charities, small businesses, and large corporations in which scalability is a key priority.

Most subscriptions include the full suite of desktop applications, which includes Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Access. Online storage is also provided with all subscriptions, with varying amounts of storage available under different plans. Tailored toward small-business users, the entry-level subscription package might not include the desktop productivity suite, but it does provide email and other online services, such as SharePoint and Skype for Business.

Being an increasingly cloud-orientated platform, Office 365 caters for scalability and business transformation by allowing you to easily switch to a different plan. You can also increase your amount of available online storage in OneDrive any time you like, although higher business plans provide unlimited storage on request.

Web-Based Collaboration

The greatest benefit unique to Office 365 is the fact that, unlike Google’s G Suite, it combines the advantages of desktop productivity with cloud computing. This allows users to create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations using Microsoft’s powerful, industry-leading desktop applications while also facilitating real-time collaboration through the cloud.

Thanks to the seamless integration of SharePoint, OneDrive and web-based versions of the Office desktop applications, employees can now work with the same data using any internet-connected device, no matter where they are. SharePoint, for example, is one of the most popular document management systems, since it offers centralized storage and management for all your business data while also providing access through the web or through a local, on-premises private cloud.

By migrating to Office 365, your employees will be able to work with the desktop applications with which they’re most likely to be familiar, such as Word and Excel. Documents can then be automatically synchronized between a shared folder on the local computer and your company’s OneDrive account before being managed and accessed through a SharePoint team site. By accessing the documents through your team site, employees will be able to view and edit them, depending on their permissions, even if they don’t have Office 365 installed on the local computer, thanks to the availability of Office web apps.

More Reliable Email

Most Office 365 business subscription packages also include an enterprise-class email and calendaring solution delivered as a hosted service, which means you wouldn’t have to maintain an expensive on-premises email server. Apart from the entry-level plans, Office 365 subscriptions come with the highly scalable and customizable Exchange, which offers business email hosting with inboxes of 50 gigabytes, plus an additional terabyte of OneDrive storage space per user.

As an enterprise-grade email solution, Microsoft Exchange provides a wealth of extra features that are essential to business. Just to name a few, these include data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities, compliance measures, cutting-edge cybersecurity and a centralized solution for managing your contacts and calendars. Instead of having your email hosted on your own servers, you can also take advantage of greatly reduced overheads and the level of security and data redundancy that only a global mega-corporation like Microsoft can provide.

With the cloud on your side, you no longer need to put all your eggs in one basket. Now it’s possible to take advantage of the latest technology thanks to transparent pricing and enterprise-grade security. If you’re ready to bring that transformation to your business, then give us a call today.

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