Benefits of Managed Print Services

Benefits of Managed Print Services

The success of a business often hinges on its ability to streamline workflows and reduce overheads using the latest and most effective technology. Nonetheless, printing is one thing that many companies still spend far too much on, even though everyone seems to be talking about going paperless. In fact, the average employee still prints thousands of pages per year, even if they do not need to.

Printer ink is infamously one of the most expensive liquids in the world, and reliable office printers do not come cheap either. Athens Micro’s Managed Print Service (MPS) allows you to get back control over your budget by maintaining a clear line of sight into your printing workflows. However, there are several other important advantages that make a compelling case to implement such a solution.

#1. Reduce Operational Costs

Reducing printing overheads is clearly the biggest advantage and, indeed, the main reason why many companies decide to implement an MPS. It makes it easier to consolidate your printing operations, thereby identifying which devices are causing unnecessary downtime or consuming too many resources. It will also help you determine the total cost of ownership (TCO) of all the devices in your collection.

Our customers, who currently take advantage of our Managed Print Service, have found they are saving fairly significant amounts of money on the maintenance and consumables of their printers since they have enrolled in Managed Print Services. When you add in the convenience of not having to monitor consumable levels or ordering new supplies of consumables, it is easy to see why the Managed Print Service is so popular.

#2. Increased Employee Productivity

Canon found that unnecessary printer downtime costs businesses almost $800 billion per year, and that is only in Europe. The same study found that IT support staff spend an average of 120 hours per year fixing and mitigating printer-related problems. The lost productivity caused by interruptions in printing workflows can quickly get very costly, especially since many businesses still rely heavily on printing and mailing.

For employees whose daily routines rely on the ability to print and send mail correspondence, a dysfunctional printer could leave them without anything to do. More likely, however, they’ll be able to use another printer, but this is hardly the most efficient use of resources either. An MPS, by contrast, provides a proactive maintenance strategy and automatic restocking of supplies to eliminate disruptions.

#3. Greater Flexibility and Scalability

Virtually every modern business relies heavily on technology to keep up with the competition. However, technology can also be precisely what ends up holding businesses back. Outdated systems that cannot keep up with increasing demands can stifle future growth and damage customer relations. If your business is reliant on the print for mission-critical routines, you’ll need to have a scalable solution.

Just like cloud services and other modern computing infrastructures, an MPS provides an unprecedented level of flexibility and scalability. In other words, it allows your printing network to scale with the needs of your business. You will have complete transparency into your printing budget, which will help you plan ahead for future requirements, and you will be able to add and replace machines without disruption.

Do You Need a Managed Print Service?

Unless you run a completely paperless office, chances are that your business will benefit from implementing an MPS program. Instead of wasting time monitoring and ordering consumables and worrying about unforeseen technical problems, an MPS allows you to simply forget about printer management and maintenance. You will also be able to reduce expenditures and streamline workflows in the process. Please call our office today at 706-310-0247 or send an email to so that we can discuss this service with you.

Athens Micro offers cloud services and IT consulting to businesses seeking to increase profits, reduce operational costs, and enhance employee productivity. We help you build a technology infrastructure that works with your business rather than against it. To learn more about our managed print services and other solutions, contact or call 706-310-0247 today.

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