4 Reasons Why Solid-State Drives Are Essential in the Workplace

4 Reasons Why Solid-State Drives Are Essential in the Workplace

Solid-state drives (SSDs) are the modern solution to data storage, replacing hard drives in a wide range of applications. Contrary to popular belief, they’re not actually hard drives at all. Instead, they use technology similar to that of RAM memory in that they contain no moving parts, and the data is stored in flash memory rather than on spinning magnetic platters like conventional hard drives.

SSDs have been around for decades, but until relatively recently, they were very expensive and found only in high-end workstations and desktop-replacement laptops. Today, however, they are common for everyday data storage.

#1. Great Value for Money

For a long time, these drives were prohibitively expensive, reserved only for corporate IT and the most demanding of applications. Some buyers still think they are a poor value for money owing to their much higher cost per gigabyte of storage when compared to conventional hard drives.

The fact is, while SSDs are marginally more expensive, they’re a much better value for money, simply because they are so much faster. Data transfer speeds are at least three to four times greater, which drastically reduces loading times for any operating system or other software installed on it. PCI-Express and M.2 SSDs are specialized versions of this technology that are several times faster, again potentially reducing boot times to a few seconds.

#2. Quick and Easy Installation

Upgrading and maintaining computer hardware often is so complicated that a technician needs to specialize in just one component, but this is not the case when installing an SSD. These drives are much simpler to plug in and set up, allowing technicians to install, troubleshoot, and swap them out in a matter of minutes.

PCI-Express and M.2 SSDs interface are similarly easy to install, giving your business swift access to unbelievable performance boosts. With the help of disk-imaging software, it’s also quite straightforward to migrate your existing operating system, software, and data to the new drive.

#3. Increased User Productivity

As the age-old adage goes, time is money. Cutting 30 to 60 seconds off boot times might not sound like much, but that’s just one example of the performance boosts you’ll see throughout the working day. Every application installed on the SSD will load up almost instantly, as will any documents or other files. This translates into more minutes in the day and more hours in the week.

SSDs present a great way to turbocharge laptop computers, so they’re particularly suitable for employees on the move. In most business applications, loading times are more important than raw processing power, so replacing old laptop hard drives with SSDs presents a quick and simple way to boost productivity through added performance.

Many of our customers have found that rather than replacing their two or three year old computer because it is no longer fast enough, they can have us install an SSD drive and their computer immediately is faster than when it was new. This saves our customers money and provides for a quick and easy solution to increase the performance of their computer.

#4. Reduced Maintenance

Because SSDs don’t contain the moving parts found in conventional hard drives, there are fewer components to break. Unlike traditional hard drives, SSDs do have a limited number of read and write cycles, but it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever encounter these limits during normal business use.

Because of the way traditional hard drives are configured, data can become fragmented, meaning that a single file can by physically spread across different parts of the drive. To keep hard drives performing optimally, they need to be regularly defragmented, and this process usually takes several hours on larger volumes. With an SSD, however, defragmentation is not necessary.

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