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So what is Flat Fee IT?


Flat Fee IT is a change in the way businesses handle their technology. Instead of following the traditional break/fix approach -- where you wait for your computers, servers, or other critical network devices to break before fixing them -- our technicians proactively monitor every aspect of your company’s IT infrastructure. If we come across any issues, we fix them. If you require computer help, we provide it. If your data is compromised, we restore it to its original state. Flat Fee IT is truly a smarter way to manage your technology.

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What can it really do?


Protect your network from cyber security threats, rogue employees, and hacker attacks.


Keep your systems running at their peak performance and enhance staff productivity.


Eliminate problems before they occur and disrupt your business operations.


Why is it important for your business?

Think of it this way: When you adopt a Flat Fee IT approach, the day-to-day management and maintenance of your organization’s technology does not fall squarely on your shoulders. You’ll get an entire team of IT professionals whose mission is to take care of your technology, meaning you can focus on running your company instead of dealing with computer repair.


Our goal is to simplify your technology and save you money.


How you can benefit from Flat Fee IT


Stable computers and systems allow your team to focus on their jobs.


Minimized IT costs with an affordable monthly pricing model.


You can rest easy knowing your data is safe and your network is secure.


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