Why your business needs web content filtering

Before the stringent advancements in content filtering, small and medium-sized enterprises had to set up firewalls to prevent employees from mindlessly scrolling through irrelevant websites. Though it seemed to work at the time, the practice didn’t provide in-depth packet evaluation and depended only on domain names for filtering.

Google Drive now allows comments on MS files

Google recently launched a new feature on Google Drive that will improve collaboration. Users can now use a combination of Microsoft Office and G Suite while working with their teammates and clients. This update allows them to conveniently comment on Office files, images, and PDFs in the ‘Preview’ pane of Drive. Learn how you can […]

Using Cortana to Organize Business

As an entrepreneur, you understand how essential time is. There is always a need to come up with new processes or search for new technology to keep your office organized. If you use Windows 10, you already have an underutilized tool right in front of you. To take advantage of Cortana, you should enable it […]

Virtual DR for ransomware protection

Ransomware takes your data hostage and demands a payment for its recovery. While it may seem like there’s no other choice but to pay the ransom, you should never give in to the hacker’s demands. Before the next wave of ransomware comes around, it’s important to protect your business with virtual disaster recovery solutions. Virtual […]

Athens Micro Can Host Your Application

Today, email, word processing, accounting software, and countless other applications can be accessed over the internet. More than half of all small businesses now use cloud technology, and although many of us tend to think of “apps” in terms of personal use, there’s nothing stopping small businesses from building their own cloud-based applications.

Should you use UPS for your network gear?

Fire, flood, storm, and other disasters can lead to power failure and productivity loss. Using uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for computers ensures you never lose unsaved work, but without internet, you’re practically crippled. To avoid that dilemma, we highly recommend using UPSs for your networking equipment, including cable modems, wireless access points, and routers. UPS […]

Need A New Website? Athens Micro Can Help!

Your business’s website is an extension of your brand. If your online presence is not up to date, professional, or tech savvy, you simply will not be competitive.

To stay on top of ever-evolving digital marketing best practices, we have developed the perfect solution: an all-in-one website service.

2017’s most valuable IT solutions

How many new technologies did your business adopt last year? Too many? Too few? You’ve officially made it through 2017 and there’s no better time than now to review which IT fads were worth investing in, and which ones should be left in the past. Look no further than our recap of last year’s most […]

How Skype for Business Can Increase Your Office Efficiency

Today’s businesses are constantly bombarded with new technology that promises to improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Some of these claims are true, but others are not so accurate. What matters is finding the optimal mix of technology to ensure that your business can stay relevant in an increasingly competitive market.

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