How do email security filtering services work?

How do email security filtering services work?

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Email is still one of the primary tools businesses use for communicating with their employees, coordinating with partners, and marketing to and serving customers. Cybercriminals leverage its popularity to distribute phishing emails, launch business email compromise campaigns, and spread malware. Some hackers may take over email accounts and pretend to be the account holder. Others may go so far as to take control of entire email servers to leak the sensitive data that company emails contain.

For cybercriminals’ email campaigns to work, victims need to actually receive the malicious emails first. Then, the recipients either have to click on the link provided, download an attachment, or follow the instructions contained in the email (as is the case with BEC). Therefore, if email users don’t receive malicious emails in the first place, then much, if not all, of the problems these can cause are prevented. This type of prevention is what email security filtering services are all about.

What are email security filtering services, and how do they work?

An email security filtering service is an add-on to your regular email service that assesses incoming and outgoing emails. The filter checks inbound emails if they are spam or if they contain suspicious items like malicious links and malware. Spam and other risky emails are sent to the spam folder, while others are segregated into folders in accordance with the user’s settings.

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The filter also checks emails being sent using employee accounts. This is a countermeasure for when a hacker takes over an employee's email account to spread malware across the company. Email filtering also detects whether employees are following the company’s data sharing policies. For instance, an employee might send an email containing sensitive information without obtaining the requisite clearance first. The filter will stop the email from being sent until the sender fulfills the necessary steps.

How do you choose an email filtering service?

You must first assess your technical requirements. Talk with our IT specialists at Athens Micro whether you’ll need a service that’s cloud-based, or if you need one installed on premises.

Our specialists will also determine if the features of the solution match the email service you’re using as well as the cybersecurity standards and policies your organization implements. Furthermore, we can recommend customizable solutions so you can accurately filter out the dangerous emails from the good ones. To illustrate, some filtering services mistakenly tag legitimate emails as spam, whereas others let spam through. With our help, you can maximize the accuracy of the solution so that critical emails (like customer sign-ups and invoices) aren’t missed.

Some advanced services even utilize machine learning to continuously improve accuracy and thereby always provide top-notch automated filtering. However, these feature-rich services may be designed for enterprises and may cost more per month, so you’ll have to keep in mind your budget, too.

You’ll want to check out the solution’s reviews and ratings. Assessing other people's experience with it will help you determine whether or not it's the best tool for your company.

Last but not least, you want a service that offers efficient 24/7 support. For example, if you suspect that the spam detection was somehow loosened, support must be able to diagnose the problem immediately before malicious email-based campaigns find success in your corporate network.

For cybersecurity solutions that fit what your business needs, turn to Athens Micro. Businesses of all sizes in Georgia trust our cybersecurity team to keep them safe from phishing, malware, and many other types of cyberthreats. Drop us a message or call us toll-free at 1-866-262-4461.

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