Asha Sullivan

You know those days when everything seems to be going wrong with your computer, or maybe there's just one thing but that one thing has completely slowed your productivity level to almost a complete halt? Well, I'm here to tell you that Athens Micro will save your bacon in every single situation imaginable. I've had small technical issues that I've randomly emailed them about that they have solved for me in less that 2 minutes. Earlier this year I upgraded my computer, 2 monitors, keyboard, mouse, and speaker system (had them all delivered on the same day), Athens Micro had everything set up and information transferred in mere minutes. I have always had a wonderful experience with them. My company's past IT guy Timothy was a comp wizard and our current guy Shawn is wonderful! The support staff Staci is also a joy and so is Andrew who has been a help to me at random times of emergency in the past. How often can one say IT guys are wizards? These guys
are cool.

Asha Sullivan
Accounting & Marketing Specialist
Howell Rusk Dodson Architects

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