Start 2022 with an IT assessment to see if your business needs managed IT services

Start 2022 with an IT assessment to see if your business needs managed IT services

It’s a cliché, but let’s face it: we do think of the New Year as a sign of new beginnings. During this time, business owners and managers like yourself cook up fresh strategies to build upon past successes and gain more ground. IT is becoming more and more integral to implementing such strategies, but can your company fully leverage tech with no outside help? To gain clarity, you need to have an IT assessment.

What does an IT assessment entail?

During an IT assessment, tech experts will come in and take a deep look at your current IT situation. They will make an inventory of your IT assets and analyze how well your systems serve your company's unique needs. They will also suggest ways to enhance existing IT infrastructure as well as ideas for optimizing old systems or building new ones so your business can better achieve its goals.

Once the IT assessment is complete, you will have a comprehensive understanding of how IT can help propel your business forward in the coming year — and beyond. It will be up to you whether to bring on a managed IT services provider (MSP) to help implement and manage those systems.

How would I know if my business needs managed IT services?

There are a few key indicators that can help you decide if your business would benefit from managed IT services. Here are five of them:

You don’t have in-house experts who can come up with IT strategies

Coming up with IT strategies that are cost-effective, cost-efficient, and bespoke to your company takes exceptional IT expertise — something that MSP consultants have in spades. They have knowledge of the best tech available and experience in serving clients across many industries, so consulting with an MSP may be the best business decision you'll make this year.

Your staff can't manage IT systems effectively on their own

As your IT needs have grown, you've likely turned to multiple IT vendors (such as Zoom for communications and Trello for project management), resulting in a disjointed system. Beyond just causing costly operational inefficiencies, this system can create problems with everything from business continuity to data security.

Thankfully, you don't need to do any guesswork to see how well your business is doing IT-wise. An IT assessment will reveal if your business is struggling with IT issues that cause interruptions in your business operations regularly. You'll also see if cybersecurity vulnerabilities are putting your company at risk of data breaches, which could cost you time and money.

Naturally, if your staff is not on top of these things, you need an MSP to help you out. With an MSP at the helm of IT management, all IT systems are monitored and handled under one roof — resulting in fewer headaches for you.

Your IT system is outdated or inadequate for your needs

As technology evolves, your IT systems need to evolve with it or else they become obsolete. Obsolete IT tends to become more expensive to repair and maintain, more vulnerable to cyberthreats, and more incompatible with new tech over time. Fortunately, an IT assessment will clearly reveal areas for improvement, and MSPs excel at enhancing IT systems economically.

Your IT costs fluctuate wildly or seem to be excessive

Would you know if you're spending too much on IT or if you've already made a return on your IT investments? If your answer is no, then you need to partner with an MSP.

Your MSP's initial IT assessment will show why IT costs spike and where you can get rid of unnecessary IT expenditure. And once you partner with an MSP, they'll optimize your IT costs because your continued success will mean their continued success as well.

Your employees keep complaining about their IT tools

In many cases, IT tools that are not properly suited for employees' needs can lead to frustration and decreased productivity. This is often the case when employees are forced to use outdated machines, bug-riddled apps, or too many IT systems to do their jobs.

MSPs can help by modernizing all your business IT tools and systems and consolidating these into one easy-to-use platform. Not only will doing these help your staff do their jobs better, but it will also make protecting company data easier since there’s only one platform to mind instead of many.

Start 2022 right by having your IT systems assessed by our IT experts at Athens Micro. We’ll help you gear your IT for tremendous business growth. To learn more, leave us a message or call us toll-free at 1-866-262-4461.

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