Financial benefits of partnering up with an MSP

Financial benefits of partnering up with an MSP

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic forced tech-savvy Georgians to shelter in place and use their home computers to do remote work, businesses have already been heavily reliant on IT solutions for quite some time. Firms like yours deploy fleets of computers and kit them with the appropriate apps, operating systems, and networks. However, if your value proposition is not IT service, you’ll want to partner with a firm — specifically a managed IT services provider (MSP) — that has that exact purpose.

With an MSP, you get to set your IT infrastructure according to the needs of your business

Many small- to medium-sized businesses like yours make do by having one or more staff members do online research to learn how to build IT infrastructure. Your entire IT setup starts out relatively simple, but as the company grows and your network needs to accommodate more and more users, complexity sets in and complications such as bandwidth issues occur.

Optimizing systems becomes more difficult. Productivity slows down because of downtime instances that are growing in frequency and severity. In short, the strategy that initially allowed you to save money is likely to cost your business more money down the road.

By letting an MSP like Athens Micro help you determine your specific IT infrastructure requirements and build bespoke IT solutions for you, you get cost-efficient IT solutions that work for you and grow with you, too. They’ll also help you invest within your means and prevent you from spending on the wrong things.

Furthermore, a top-notch MSP has the expertise you need to comply with ever-changing data regulations. For example, if you’re a healthcare provider, the data you collect and use are subject to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) rules and other related regulations. If protected health information gets stolen from your network, you’ll be subjected to heavy penalties as well as costly lawsuits. An MSP prevents all of this from happening.

You don’t need to have a large in-house IT team

While being able to create jobs is a welcome consequence of building a business, you don’t want to have a bloated workforce. You want just the right number of employees to be supporting the direct contributors to your bottom line.

That is, if your company is not in the field of IT, then you don’t want an IT team that makes your business look like it is. This is because you’ll rack up unnecessary costs, such as:

  • Hiring costs (e.g., headhunting fees, investments in employee training)
  • Competitive salaries and benefits
  • Equipment and software costs

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More than these, in-house employees are also limited in terms of expertise, experience, and availability. An MSP, on the other hand, has a deep bench of IT specialists with expansive IT expertise and experiences serving firms from different industries.

By partnering up with an MSP, you can get immediate 24/7/365 IT services and support for an affordable monthly fee and/or per-service charge. MSPs make this possible via economies of scale. That is, unlike your average in-house IT team, MSPs are able to maximize their IT resources and spread all of their IT costs across many clients.

Furthermore, scaling the services you obtain is much easier done with an MSP than with an in-house IT team. If you’ve ever gone through mass hiring and downsizing phases, you’d be familiar with the headaches they cause. Compared to those, adjusting your service-level agreements with an MSP is a breeze.

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